Getting Started: Joining BlockSpaces' Cardano Staking Pool

Joining BlockSpaces’ Cardano Staking pool all takes place from the end user’s wallet interface, and does not require any custodial staking or unstaking processes.

Make sure you have a Cardano (ADA) balance in a wallet that can Delegate to Staking pools, such as Yoroi, or Daedalus. 


You can buy/sell/trade ADA on many of the popular crypto exchanges, but in order to Delegate ADA to a Staking pool, you’ll need a Cardano (ADA) wallet. This will enable you to send ADA directly to the BlockSpaces Staking pool, and serve as your personal Dashboard for account management.


If you do not have a Yoroi or Daedalus wallet, please refer to a web link for instructions:

I will be using Yoroi as the Cardano wallet interface for these steps. The Yoroi wallet is super-easy to use.


REMEMBER to save your Spending Password!!! You will need it to enable yourself to send ADA to the staking pool.


Once you have sent Cardano (ADA) to your secure wallet, you can search for the BlockSpaces Staking pool, which can be querying in the Search bar underneath the Delegation List tab’s dropdown screen. (See image below)

Click the DELEGATE button once you have the [BLKSP] BlockSpaces Stake Pool pulled up.




Verify that the [BLKSP] BlockSpaces Staking Pool is listed under the Stake pool name (I have a different screenshot here, sorry)


Type in your Spending password to enable the transaction, and then finally click DELEGATE.


You’re good to go!


Once you are finished, refer to the Dashboard tab on the upper left hand side, for all of the relevant information about Epoch dates, and references to the [BLKSP] BlockSpaces Staking Pool webpage.

Thanks, if you have any questions or issues, email me at

We will be releasing more updates as we go along, we appreciate your interest in being a Day One adopter of our Staking pool operation, and we look forward to participating with you.

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