How long will my order take from time of Checkout?

Great question.


You should receive an email momentarily after you Checkout, confirming the automatic provisioning of your order.


Within a few hours, a BlockSpaces Team Member will open a Support Ticket with details and instructions attached to your order.


In the case of POKT nodes there is a staking process, that involves the user to send POKT for staking each node.


Please allow 1-2 days for BlockSpaces to generate a Funding Address for POKT staking, at which time Support Staff will give you simple instructions for:


Sending a 1 POKT test transaction, then

Confirmation, followed by

A request for the final amount.


NOTE: All POKT sending requests will come from officially marked BLOCKSPACES Support Tickets directly to your email, We will not ask you to send crypto from an outside source.


After these steps are fulfilled, Cloud Support will stake your nodes, and send one final confirmation that you are good to go!

At this point your nodes will be up and running on the Pocket Network, and will show up in the Client Profile area (your main log-in) under Dashboard>Portfolio Performance by that evening!

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