Creating POKT wallet

Creating a new POKT wallet



  • Click on the gray Create icon on the left.


You will be generating a Keyfile, and creating a Passphrase to unlock your POKT wallet with it. By following the next steps:

  • Download and backup Keyfile & Passphrase to offline device (like a USB drive).
  • Check to make sure your Keyfile & Passphrase are correct and working.

Once you have successfully generated your Keyfile & Passphrase, this is what the POKT wallet interface should look like from your screen. 


If you do not have POKT tokens yet, please click the gray Buy POKT icon from inside your POKT wallet, or utilize this link to Pocket Network’s official recommendations for over the counter (OTC) trading (They will both lead to the same place).

Note: The ADDRESS tab in your POKT wallet is a critical element for receiving POKT tokens upon OTC purchase, from here you will be able to click the blue squares and COPY your POKT address to your clipboard, then paste it for prospective senders of POKT tokens.

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