How can I transfer tokens from my rewards total?

"Sweeping" nodes is the process in which crypto funds are consolidated and transferred from specific node addresses to either of the following locations:

  1. New Services (additional nodes)
  2. External Destination Wallet (public addresses)

Transferring tokens is an action that every account will request at some point in time.

Given that crypto transactions require time and money, BlockSpaces Support kindly asks that sweep requests are utilized as needed.

This is a practical limitation set solely to manage resources. BlockSpaces Support is prepared to sweep nodes for staking new nodes, and/or provide accounts liquidity. Your nodes, your rewards.


Note: We cannot sweep POKT rewards directly into any existing node's stake. If you would like to sweep POKT rewards into stake, it must be for a newly staked node, minimum 15,375 POKT.


For sweeping nodes, please:

  • Open a Support Ticket- detailing the desired amount and destination (new nodes/external address).
  • Standby- for Support staff to acknowledge the ticket, and guide you through the next steps.
  • Staff will identify the Funding Address, or POKT wallet address, then ask you to confirm your request.
  • Please allow for 1-2 days for node sweeps to take place.
  • If you have any questions about sweeping your nodes for rewards, the unstaking process, or adding more nodes
    • Refer to the Knowledgebase from the user dashboard
    • Open a Support Ticket and ask
    • Email
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