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Global Economic Optimization
This website is dedicated to building a general understanding of Global Economic Optimization (GEO), a new economic approach capable of generating and distributing the vast additional wealth needed to address our current challenging situation.

Our Current Challenging Situation

Threat to the economy due to global-scale disruptions
Increasing concentration of wealth into the hands of the privileged few

Elimination of jobs due to automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Decay and obsolescence of infrastructure
Interconnectedness without commensurate coordination
These challenges highlight that our current socioeconomic approach is not designed to generate adequate wealth and does not adequately distribute the wealth that is created.  Such inadequacy begs for adoption of a new approach that maximizes wealth generation and allocates the funds to the legitimate areas of need.  However, we must be careful to avoid a pendulum swing to the other extreme in which the existing wealth is merely redistributed in a way that "robs Peter to pay Paul".  It must be appreciated that individual incentive drives creativity and growth.  Yet, human kindness requires that we do not abandon the masses to enrich the few.

A Miraculous Solution

Fortunately a way exists to generate vast additional wealth from nothing more than the world's already employed assets.  GEO is a miraculous new socioeconomic approach that without raising taxes, increasing the deficit, or fueling the current ideological polarization, will generate and distribute the vast additional wealth needed to:

Solve the world’s serious economic and socio-ecological problems

Fund development of the technologies, products, and services of the future

Raise corporate earnings to levels not possible with our current approach

Create countless new jobs in heretofore unaddressed areas of pursuit
And while achieving these economic benefits, we will increase balance and harmony in society and strengthen our ability to work together toward our common objectives, despite our philosophical, religious, cultural, and political differences.