Opening an Account with BlockSpaces

The initial step towards running nodes with BlockSpaces, is opening an account. This section will show you how to create an account, complete your order, and establish login credentials for future access.

Please visit:

Click on Blockchain Node Hosting within the Store tab, located in the top-left corner.

(Note: We will be opening an account through a POKT-NODE order in this walkthrough)

Select the plan, in this case POKT-NODE, with the Pocket logo. 


Choose between an annual or monthly billing cycle, then Click Continue.

Confirm the Quantity of Nodes that you’d like to order.

After clicking the green Checkout icon, you’ll be prompted to fill in your personal information, then generate a password.

Make sure to write-down your registered email address and password, and store it securely.

This is how you will be logging into your account, for future access.


Complete your order.

If you already have a POKT wallet, and a POKT balance, then you’re ready to Await Confirmation.

If you do not have a POKT wallet yet, follow these instructions: Creating a new POKT wallet.

Creating a new POKT wallet



  • Click on the gray Create icon on the left.


You will be generating a Keyfile, and creating a Passphrase to unlock your POKT wallet with it. By following the next steps:

  • Download and backup Keyfile & Passphrase to offline device (like a USB drive).
  • Check to make sure your Keyfile & Passphrase are correct and working.

Once you have successfully generated your Keyfile & Passphrase, this is what the POKT wallet interface should look like from your screen. 


If you do not have POKT tokens yet, please click the gray Buy POKT icon from inside your POKT wallet, or utilize this link to Pocket Network’s official recommendations for over the counter (OTC) trading (They will both lead to the same place).

Note: The ADDRESS tab in your POKT wallet is a critical element for receiving POKT tokens upon OTC purchase, from here you will be able to click the blue squares and COPY your POKT address to your clipboard, then paste it for prospective senders of POKT tokens.

Await Confirmation

After completing your order and account setup, please await confirmation from BlockSpaces Support Staff, who will walk you through the next, critical steps. 


Note: After an order is confirmed, it may take anywhere between 1-24 hours for BlockSpaces Support Staff to provision and notify you when to complete the next steps.


Once confirmed, the next steps are as follows:

  1. Depositing POKT tokens directly to your funding address. Support staff may ask for you to send 1 POKT as a test transaction to ensure accuracy, before requesting the full amount.
  2. Staking the minimum 15,375 POKT per node to the network. This is accomplished through a simple permissioned acknowledgement via Support Ticket with BlockSpaces cloud team.
  3. Spinning your node(s). Once POKT funds are deposited, then staked, nodes are spun, and the onboarding process is successfully completed.


This process is vital and requires accurate transfers. BlockSpaces Support Staff will orchestrate each step accordingly, and send you confirmations for clarity along the way.

If you have not setup your POKT wallet, please head back to the Creating a new POKT wallet step


Follow these steps, for sending POKT funds to your BlockSpaces nodes:

Login to POKT wallet

  • Select Import


  • Click Upload, which will automatically give you the option to choose a file from your computer.
    • Select your keyfile.json (generated when you created the wallet)
    • Click the Upload button again, once your keyfile.json file appears in the tab
    • Leave the “Access using a Private Key” area blank
  • Click Import Account



  • Enter Passphrase in pop up box (the one you created when you generated this wallet)
  • Click Import, one final time to access your POKT wallet!


  • Click on the blue Send icon, then follow the next steps



  • Copy the address specified to you by BlockSpaces Support Staff to your clipboard, then PASTE it directly in the To address tab
  • Once you are certain they match up correctly, go ahead and click Send

Once the transaction is successful, you will be notified that your node is staked and running on the network, congratulations! You’re contributing to the decentralization of  blockchain infrastructure.


What to expect once your nodes are up and running

Once your nodes are up and running, you’ll be making POKT rewards for relays each day. As a valued customer, you’ll have access to your own personal Client Profile which includes the Portfolio Performance Dashboard, where you can track your node’s rewards, stake, balances, and % growth.

Log into: with your Email and Password.


If you have any questions type them directly into the center text box, which will refer you to the Knowledgebase. If you can’t find a satisfactory solution, feel free to contact with an email, or open up a Support Ticket directly from your support dashboard.

  • Open account, Order Nodes, Sign Up
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