Why are my nodes receiving small amounts of rewards?

No need to worry. Due to the distributed nature of the network, it is possible that any given node may go a few days without any relay rewards. There will be days when a single node outperforms the daily average, as well as days when a single node underperforms the daily average.

Delays are temporary, for the vast majority of cases. If you witness stagnation for days on end, rest assured POKT rewards typically increase within 5 days of this occurring.

Monitor node health, directly from the Dashboard:

  • Has the node been Jailed in the past 24 hours?
    • If not, then it is running on pace with the network and available for relays (rewards).
    • If so, wait 24 hrs for the discrepancy to resolve.
      • If it persists, Support Staff will work to explain/resolve the matter immediately.
  • After 3-4 without seeing a satisfactory rewards, if you'd like to reach out and ask for tests to be run, Support Staff would be more than happy to check up on your nodes, and provide any insight on current network activity or issues that may be slowing down the flow of relays.


Note: Support staff closely monitors each node identically. Single nodes that witness days without any relays, are in fact fully operational, and will steadily receive rewards for relays in the days to follow.

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