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The Bigger Picture

The challenges we are facing may seem so daunting as to suggest that we are in uncharted territory without a roadmap forward.  But, we can take heart in knowing that humanity has passed this way many times before, and that clues have been left pointing the way ahead.  Examining more than twenty past civilizations, British historian Arnold Toynbee found that challenge plays a key role in generating progress.  Too little challenge causes stagnation, too much can create collapse, and just enough produces maximum progress.  In order for challenge to be just enough, there must be an adequate flow of solutions to the challenges of the time.  Toynbee found that in each civilization the Creative Minority provides the solutions that are then adopted by the dominant majority.  This suggests that we should not be looking to the already established approach to address a challenge that no longer seems treatable with current solutions.

Today's Creative Minority has a predisposition toward Unifying Vision which provides a more effective style of problem solving, well suited to a world with multi-faceted problems.  Born of Unifying Vision, GEO is a new approach that will effectively address our current complex situation.