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Solving the world’s serious economic and socio-ecological problems

A significant portion of the vast additional wealth generated through GEO will be used to fund solutions to the world’s serious socio-ecological difficulties.  In combination, these complex and interrelated problems threaten our survival and progress in life.  So far, little has been done to address these challenges.  By implementing GEO, we will be able to generate the funding necessary to prevent the cataclysmic consequences of further inattention to these critical problems.

Funding development of the technologies, products, and services of the future

The financial markets’ current focus on near-term earnings drives firms to prioritize short-term development more highly than the long-term.  To prevent neglect of important pursuits that must be started now to realize critical future benefit, a portion of the added wealth created through GEO will be used to accelerate the development of the technologies, products, and services of the future.  

Raising corporate earnings to levels not possible with our current approach

While government will need to sanction the full pursuit of collaboration within the business sphere, GEO will not be a government-run program.  Rather the business sphere itself will take the reigns of this approach that simultaneously provides benefit to firms, customers, society at large, and the environment.  Business will need to agree to appropriate levels of transparency and accountability, but will have an opportunity to increase earnings to levels not possible under our current approach.

Creating countless new jobs in heretofore neglected areas of pursuit

One of the five types of collaboration that will be pursued by GEO will eliminate substantial redundancies that currently exist within the global business sphere.  Elimination of these redundancies will free up enormous presently captive wealth, but it will also eliminate large numbers of jobs.  While unemployment may seem unadvisable, it is actually a blessing in this context.  Both additional wealth and available human resources will be needed to effectively address our many socio-ecological difficulties, which to this point have been largely neglected.  Consequently, GEO will serve to liberate workers from redundant jobs and re-employ them in new positions filled with purpose and mission.

Strengthening balance and harmony in society

Presently the business sphere operates in a firm-against-firm uncoordinated and fragmented manner.  Additionally, the interests of the business sphere are not fully balanced with the interests of society and the environment.  Consequently, at both microcosmic and macrocosmic levels, less than optimum balance and harmony prevail.  Through inter-firm collaboration and allocation of a significant portion of the maximized wealth to the common good, GEO will create optimum balance and harmony both within the business sphere itself, and among business, society, and the environment.

Strengthening our ability to work together toward our common objectives

The world is divided by philosophical, religious, cultural, and political differences.  The firms within the business sphere’s industry segments are pitted against one another, creating an additional layer of division.  Through its focus on widespread inter-firm collaboration, GEO will foster teamwork among individuals who would otherwise have little opportunity to bridge their differences.  Whereas presently the business sphere is a source of divisiveness, it will under GEO, become a means of teaching us how to work together toward achievement of our common objectives.  Teamwork will be crucial as we address our global-scale socio-ecological difficulties.